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   Education: PhD., Faculty of Law, The University of Sheffield, U.K.

   Expertise: Bioethics, Biotechnology Law, Intellectual Property Rights
   Email: tangshumei@asia.edu.tw
   TEL: 04-23323456 #1809

   Chair Professor
Education: Honorary Doctorate, Woosuk University, Korea
   Email: mlshih@asia.edu.tw
   Expertise: Criminal Law, Legal Case Study
   TEL: 04-23323456 #1011,1086

   Chair Professor
Education: PhD., College of Law, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
   Expertise: Civil law practices, Criminal law, Juridical system, Law-making policy,   Mainland policy and legal system
   Email: taisanchiu@yahoo.com.tw
   TEL: 04-23323456 #1810

   Professor Rank Specailist
Education: PhD., School of Law, University of Munich, Germany
   Expertise: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Juvenile Proceeding Act, Economic Crime
   Email: weichung7@asia.edu.tw
   TEL: 04-23323456 #1923

   Associate Professor
Education: LLM, Department of Law, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
   Expertise: Maritime Law, International Law of the Sea
   Email: lin520314@asia.edu.tw
   TEL:04-23323456 #6438

   Associate Professor
Education: PhD., College of Law, National Chung-Cheng University, Taiwan
   Expertise: Legal Assistance In Criminal ,Civil And Commercial Matters, International Economic and Technical Criminal Law, International Criminal Procedure
   Email: fen2006@gmail.com
   TEL:04-23323456 #48004

   Associate Professor
Education: PhD., School of Law, Heidelberg Universität, Germany
   Expertise: Constitution law, Administrative law, Taxation law, International taxation law         
   Email: julan_hsieh@asia.edu.tw
   TEL: 04-23323456 #1955

   Assistant Professor
Education: PhD., College of Social Science, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
   Expertise: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Maritime Law, Land Law
   TEL:04-23323456 #1812

   Assistant Professor
Education: PhD., School of Law, New York University, USA
   Expertise: Criminal Law, Law and Society, Law and Culture, Chinese Law, Comparative Law , International Law, Jurisprudence
   Email: minghsi_sung@hotmail.com 
   TEL: 04-23323456 #48053

   Assistant Professor Rank Specialist
Education: LLM, School of Law, Universität Freiburg, Germany
   Expertise: Intellectual Property Law, Financail Law, Civil Law, Legal English, Legal German
   Email: wetzel@asia.edu.tw
   TEL: 04-23323456 #20114

   Assistant Professor
Education: PhD., School of Law, Bonn University, Germany
   Expertise: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Public Economic Law, Financial Law
   Email: tylee@asia.edu.tw
   TEL: 04-23323456 #48039